Alicia Higgison

Tecumseh Councillor, Ward 1


Councillor Higgison

I’ve always felt that a strong community should be the end goal of every elected official’s work. I ran for Ward 1 Councillor to keep that work going.

Tecumseh has always been a great place to grow up, and a great place to grow old. As my three daughters grow up, I want them to know that they can count on Tecumseh as a home base.

As your Councillor I aim to continue to build on key investments like our waterfront and flood mitigation, while also focusing on placemaking and amenities that make this a desirable community. Safe active transportation, climate mitigation strategies, and purposeful planning as we grow are all key in building strong communities.

I will work hard for the residents of Tecumseh, and more specifically Ward 1.

I commit to building a Tecumseh from the perspective of a young mom, who wants to grow old here, and keep her kids close.

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