Why I’m Running

When I successfully ran for Trustee in 2018, I knocked on Tecumseh’s doors asking them to trust that I valued the investment they’d made in our community, and that I would work to not only improve that investment, but prove that trust.

And I have delivered.

In our growing community, we need places, services, and amenities that serve our changing needs. I built on my own young family’s experiences, and lead in keeping GECDSB’s new K-8 school embedded in its Tecumseh community, just down the road from DM Eagle where its current students learn and play. In my first year as Trustee, I improved transparency between the Board and our community in my successful initiative to include full Board packages on our website. We reinforced that communication improvement, another commitment of my 2018 campaign, with investments in a brand new website a communication coordinator focused on reaching families where they are at. Then our lives & our education system were rocked with a global pandemic in early 2020, and I responded by becoming Chairperson of the Board that December. Followed by a successful acclimation to remain the Greater Essex County District School Board Chairperson today.

I want to continue that leadership for Tecumseh as your Councillor in Ward 1.

I am committed to building on the solid foundations of the Town of Tecumseh. Building strong communities has been the driving force of my work, and these past four years have reinforced for me the value of trusted partnerships, transparent communication, and investing in the future of the places we call home.

I’ll have my literal feet on the ground, knocking on doors, and listening. I want to create with my colleagues the future of Tecumseh from the perspective of a young mom, who wants to grow old here and wants her kids close.

That means investing in placemaking and community spaces just as much as it means thoughtful housing options and affordability.

It means pursuing solutions for how climate change has impacts on flooding, active transportation, and our gorgeous waterfront.

It’s an exciting time for Tecumseh, and I’m excited to start my campaign for the Ward 1 Council seat.